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Sustainable Tourism in Alaska
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Running a responsible travel business would not be possible without keeping sustainability at the forefront of our business model. Sustainability is absolutely essential for travel in today’s world. We not only seek to create excellent tours and experiences for our guests, but to promote and support local culture, nature and communities. We believe that, as people who enjoy travel and experiencing new places, we have an obligation to respect and care for the places we visit.

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Cześć! Pozdrawiamy z dalekiej Alaski, która od kilku lat jest naszym domem. Rozgośćcie się i dajcie znać jak możemy Wam pomóc.

Sustainability Commitment. 

To us, sustainability in tourism is about choices. It’s about choosing to work with small locally run businesses in order to help support the local economy including accommodations, restaurants, tours and shops. It’s choosing to honor and respect the traditional culture of the people we visit and interact with. It’s choosing to use sustainable travel methods when possible including modern cars and public transport, bicycles and walking. It’s choosing to respect the local nature and environment by strictly following Leave No Trace principles.

Our goals are to have a positive impact on the places we visit, educate our clients about the local culture and sustainable travel and lifestyle choices and serve as a role model in sustainable practices for other travel companies. We strive to be an active part of the conversation on sustainability in travel. We believe that all businesses, ourselves included, should be held accountable for their business choices.

Niceland is dedicated to sustainable and responsible practices in all aspects of our business. We follow internationally recognized guidelines to provide sustainable and responsible travel to Alaska and United States for our clients. We acknowledge that travel in itself inevitably leaves an environmental impact, but we believe that our trips provide meaningful and important methods for local communities and governments to create sustainable forms of development. We commit to the following responsible travel ideas and practices in our business and on all of our trips:

  • We work with local communities, businesses and individuals to develop sustainable tourism opportunities that help the local economy while minimizing negative environmental and cultural impacts.
  • We believe in supporting the local communities that we travel to and actively engage and create programs to foster preservation of these places.
  • We respect the natural environment, and to ensure minimal impact, we use responsible trained leadership, maintain small groups and practice the Leave No Trace code of ethics.
  • We prepare travelers for each encounter with local culture, while teaching environmentally, and culturally, sensitive ways of enjoying travel.
  • We avoid visiting areas that are under-managed and over-visited.
  • We contribute to the conservation of visited regions through voluntary donations and permit fees.
  • We use locally managed businesses in all of the places we visit.
  • We avoid single use plastic and practice recycling and composting when available..

How We Support Local Communities

  • All of our tours are led by a local leader who is trained, experienced and socially aware.
  • In each city, we work with local, knowledgeable and experienced guides.
  • We encourage our guests to interact with locals, learn about their culture and support them by using their services and purchasing their quality goods.
  • We work with small, family-run businesses that offer high-standard and boutique accommodation for our groups.
  • If we need to stay at a hotel, we choose ones that are locally-owned whenever possible.
  • We visit authentic farms, attractions and restaurants.
  • We sub-contract to local providers.
  • We make sure all of our sub-contractors are paid fairly for their services.

How We Support the Environment

  • We minimize paper use and deliver all travel documents, agreements and itineraries in digital files for our guests convenience.
  • When visiting nature sites, we work with local specialists that guide our groups and teach about the importance of these areas.
  • We visit National Parks and Nature Reserves with our groups and support local conservation programs.
  • Whenever possible, we promote eco-friendly transportation such as railways, walking, kayaking, cycling and hiking.
  • We make sure that the cars we use are modern, safe and fuel-efficient.
  • We minimize all single-use plastic on our tours.
  • We ask our guests to bring their own reusable water bottles or provide them for our groups.
  • We always practice Leave No Trace principles.

How We Promote Local Culture:

  • We work only with licensed and local guides to make sure our services are high-standard.
  • We meet with local people and listen to their stories.
  • We introduce our guests to local history, people, language and culture.
  • We visit local farms and restaurants that promote sustainable practices.
  • We promote local culture through authentic experiences like workshops or classes.

Sustainability in Our Office:

  • We help our guest choose the most convenient and sustainable forms of transportation.
  • We educate our guests on how to pack light and smart for their vacation.
  • We provide our guests with information on their destination so they can have basic knowledge of the culture, people and history.
  • We limit our paper use to a minimum and use digital files.
  • We don’t use single-use plastic in our office.
  • We educate ourselves to make sure we can meet the high standards in sustainable tourism.

Sustainable Travel Benefits Everyone!

Without sustainable travel practices, tourism will suffer and have irreversible effects on the places we love. If you have any questions on sustainable travel practices and how you can better incorporate it into your travel plans, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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